Sunday, July 6, 2014

Out With The Old & In With The New

So, it seems that I've gone and made too many awesome new things and now I got nowhere to put it all :O That tells me its time for a SALE!!! Time to ditch the old and bring in the new and you'll have one week to grab all the old shit before its gone. 

Starting tomorrow anything that is retiring forever will be 80% off and all the stuff I'm moving to MP only will be 60% off \o/ That is a HUUUUUGE savings so you won't want to miss out. This sale involves more than half the store so when I say hugemongous I mean HUGEMONGOUS!!!!

As if that wasn't enough, for the next three days the VIP Group is FREE to join!!! And, there are several new group only gifties out \o/ So, if you've ever wanted to join the group but didn't want to cough up the linden, now's your chance ;P

There, I just gave you two new reasons to head to [QE] this week.. you're welcome ;D

Happy Shopping Bitches!
Emms <3

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