Friday, September 6, 2013

Stalker & Bewba... sound like really strange dog names XD

LOL ok so I'm weird. But I'm the fun kind of weird, not the creepy I drive a van with no windows and loiter at playgrounds kinda weird. And damnit they do sound like dog names, really fucked up dog names or even like biker names I suppose but I think I'm reachin a bit with that one. But as usual, I digress XD

On to the blogging..

First up ERMAHGERDWTFSTALKERAZZIISOPENANDYOU'RENOTTHERE!!!!?! Ok, take a minute to figure out wtf that says and then check out the deets..

Stalkerazzi Fashion Affair is a sim wide, fashion event, dedicated to high quality fashion designers & sparking the interest of our beloved stalkers *cough cough* shoppers, creating a fashion frenzy …called Stalkerazzi!!!!

You will find 60 HQ brands, offering 2 exclusive items per store! We are extremely stoked to open the doors & the clock is ticking! We invite you to come visit this event - DO NOT MISS IT!!!! 
Men & Womens apparel, accessories, footwear, poses & more!



There are a TON of great stores and Toxx and her crew did a primo job on the build. It looks great without being lag city \o/ I got a wild hair up my ass and, instead of doing the sane thing and making two exclusives, I had to go and make FOUR, that's right I made four damn exclusives. *sighs* I think its because I love a challenge, either that or I'm just a glutton for punishment XD Either way I got it all done and setup by the skin of my teeth (srsly put out the last item at 10p slt on the nose O.o) so have a look..

Yup, that's me in my undies.. Dat Azzzz!! XD

The event won't last forever, so get all your sexy, fabulous asses to the Metropolis sim and prepare to spend A LOT XD

And now on to my favorite event of all.. BEWBAPALOOZA!!?! Ok so maybe I'm a lil biased but come on, it is purty awesome ;p We just opened a new round today and that means a whole bunch of new goodies!!! \o/ Have a lookie at what I have out this round..

Ok so this ad may look familiar LOL.. its cause the first color of this set was last month's group gift XD I totally was strapped for time and just used the ad from that.. so flog me ;P In my defense I fell in my yard and sprained the shit out of my ankle last friday and have been out of commission while also trying to take care of a two year old so yeah I cut a corner and I'M NOT SORREH! It comes in 6 rich new colors with appliers for Tango/Lush and Lolas 2.5 and there is a 15% group discount on all colors including the fatpack. So go check out the awesome new colors and if you didn't get the purple in the ad then you best go get it. And well, if you're not in the VIP group yet, wtf are you waiting for XD 

That is more than enough for now. My friggin hands are cramping lol. Sheesh, I am not cut out for blogging.. this shit is hard :/

Happy Shopping Bitches!
Emms <3

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