Saturday, September 28, 2013

Let Them Eat Bewbie Cake!!

Sooooo I almost passed out when I got an invite to The Boobies Show Birthday round. I was mega stoked and got right to work on something kind of amazeballz for all of you. I think I did a'ight..


The Kelly Bodysuit comes in 11 colors and includes appliers for Tango/Lush/Mirage and the Linc Phat Azz. At 120 linden each they're a hella good bargain.. or splurge a lil and get the fatpack for 900 LOL ;p And, if you're a [QE] minion, you can get 15% off the fatpack or 30% off the purple \o/ Oh, I almost forgot, there is a special pink color totally exclusive to the event..

Once the Bday round is over it will disappear into my inventory FOREVAH! I also made some cute lil Birthday Bewbie Cakes with a tasty icing tattoo applier for Tango/Lush/Mirage. So cute and only 75 linden each, either chocolate or berry. But they can only be found at The Bday TBS, so get your bewbie noms on while they last!

There are a TON of kickass stores in this round so be sure to check out all the other awesome stuffs to be had.. but only after you give a sizeable amount of your moneys to me! MWAHAHA XD  It is definitely not to be missed *whispers* I think I'm in the best room, but shhh don't tell ;p

Yay Happy Birthday to The Boobies Show!!
Emms <3

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