Saturday, October 19, 2013

We're Open for Business \o/

Well we did it.. Bewbstock officially opened its sim doors yesterday at 2 pm slt in fine style. If you happened to be one of the lucky peeps to tp in right after we took up the ban lines you probably saw something that looked a lil bit like this..

Twerkin.. the OFFICIAL dance of Bewbstock!

LOL it was like an epidemic. People would tp in and within seconds they would twerk off to the side and more would come in, start twerkin and slide off to the side. It was HILARIOUS XD Best event opening I've ever attended, but of course I'm slightly biased haha ;p

The event runs through November 8th so do not pass this one up. There are lots and lots of goodies and an awesomely decked out sim just to hang out in. Feel free to cop a squat by the fire, pack a bowl and roast some yummy marshmallows or snuggle up in a sleeping bag and catch some peaceful z's ;p And of course twerking is highly encouraged.. TWERK BREAK BITCHES!!

Happy Shopping
Emms <3

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