Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Bewba & 2 New Tops @ The Mainstore

Aren't my blog post titles sooooo damn original. I know, I know.. I have such a way with words. XD But I digress.. on to the blogging!

First up, here's what you will find at my Bewba booth for the month of August..

You can find three exclusive colors of my Lazy set which includes Tube Top (with appliers for Lolas 2.5 & Tango/Lush) sexy lil Knickers that show off your tush to perfection and over the knee tube socks. The best part is that you can get all of that for just 100 linden until the end of the event. Aaaaaaand if you're a [QE] Minion you can grab these three outfits for only 85 linden each! \o/

I also put out a few sale items..

For the next two wks you can come grab my D.T.F set in Rainbow Stripe for the crazy low price of only 69l..

Grab it fast cause once I move it to mp only it will cost ya 130 linden more lol ;P

And you can grab these two bikinis in super cute prints for the duration of the event for 50l ea..

Last but not least, you will see 2 bags on the ground.. one for free and one for 10l. In the freebie bag there is an unreleased pink skully teenie kini with appliers for tango/lush only. Behind door numbah 2 you will find 3 unreleased tops I just tossed in there willy nilly cause I said 'hey why not just put a bunch of shit in here and sell it for 10l.. fuck it!'. My insanity is your gain ladies XD

On to the new releases.. I released two new sets of tops a few days ago. Ombre Tees come in 5 color fades and the Spring Hoodies come in 12 colors with prim hood. Both have appliers for Tango/Lush ONLY!

These are available at my mainstore and you can find a smattering of colors at my new store.. which leads me into my last bit of information for the night. [QE] can now be found on Boobie Blvd. at the NYC Fashion District \o/ It's an awesome new place to shop for breast applier clothing with tons of great stores to choose from. It just opened yesterday so be sure to hop on over and check it out.

Welp, that's it for now, gonna take off my blogger hat and smoke a bowl XD

Happy Shopping Bitches ;p
Emms <3

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