Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Phat Azz Has Invaded [QE] \o/

ERMAGHERDWTFBBQ.. I fackin LOVE this butt. I know, I know. I've heard there is some contention in the SL world over the new Linc Phat Azz. But it seems to me that some prudie twats need to keep their pointy lil shrew noses where they belong. If you don't like the mesh ass then who cares, don't look at it then ffs. What is wrong with people. Its called TOLERANCE and from what I can see, a LOT of people in SL could use a lesson in it -.- I tolerate all you stick thin, trout mouthed drag queens. You don't see me runnin around bitchin and moanin about your hideous avatars and horrid taste in clothing. And do you know WHY that is? Hmmmm? Because you're not going to like or agree with everything you see or hear, such is life.. deal with it!

Jesus Christ on a cracker, people piss me the fuck off  :/  *takes a deep calming breath* Ok, sorry.. mini rant over LOL. Its a touchy subject for me.. the whole stupid people epidemic. The world is going to hell in a hand basket. But as always, I digress. On with the blogging..

Ok so I LOVE the Phat Azz and I've updated a good number of my items already. If you bought something and want the new appliers, just swing by the new [QE] Main Store and poke the re-delivery terminal. I promise to have everything updated soon and all new items (where applicable) will include the Linc Phat Azz apps \o/ I also put out a brand new set of jeans with both undie and pants appliers included. They come in 6 different colors/patterns and have modifiable prim cuffs..

They are available now at the main store and soon on the marketplace. Only 100 linden for a limited time so grab em cheap while you can!

Seriously.. Dat Azz.. Ermagherd ;p Yay for big ol mesh ghetto booties \o/ Thank you CK.. just Thank you <3

Happy Shopping Bitches!
Emms <3

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