Haunted Circus Hunt Info

-Hunt runs October 9th - 31st
-Sim wide
-All items cost 1$L

Starting Point: [trs] - Come on you clown, find me, it's time to 'wrap' this up!

[QE] - Have a seat up here and watch the stars.

Blink2Wink - Step into this vixen's house and feel her wrath... if you dare. (Hunt item is tied to another item which can be found in the Haunted Mansion hunt here.)

Luckie - Bubbly Ghost Hover over me, while I fly in my wings.

Heartistic - Out

Pink Sugah - Not Ready

Holli Pocket - I'm smexy!

Bombshell - Out

1Hundred - Not Ready 

K-Otic - There is an O in Halloween.

Manik Queen - I think I have gone a lil 'Batty'!

Mmm...Kay! - Not Ready

Good luck and Happy Hunting!!

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