Haunted Mansion Hunt

-Hunt runs October 9th - 31st
-All items cost 1$L
-Items are hidden on all 3 floors and the porches are included. Basically check everywhere ;)

TP to Calista's Haunted Mansion

Store List and Hints:

[trs] - 1. Behind these cupboard doors you will find evidence of her faitful night.

     2. I 'Gacha' Bitch!

     2. Have a seat on the 'throne' but watch you don't cut yourself!

[QE] - 1. But.. who's playing?!!?!
        2. Nothin but dust and an old mannequin in here..
        3. I don't think the water is supposed to be that color :O
        4. Rockabye Baby..
        5. What an.. interesting doll
        6. Have a seat, don't mind the dust.
        7. Let there be light.. ok, maybe not :/
        8. Run bitch.. RUUUUN!!

Blink to Wink - Ring-a-round the rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes! Ashes! We all fall down... (Hunt item is tied to another item which can be found in the Haunted Circus hunt here.)

Luckie - So many crosses.

Manik Queen - It might be you next on the chopping block!

Sinfully Seddy - 1. Pray...

                      2. Story of a lifetime

                      2. So much junk!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!!

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