Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Beach Has Arrived at [QE]

Sooooo I made all these bikinis and had no clue how I was gonna display them. I was stumped. My store is so dark and so not summery that I thought they'd get kinda lost in all the gloom. Then I had an idear.. drop in some sand and the trappings of a day at the beach and viola! instant fun in the sun \o/ I think it turned out kinda cute and I hope you all like it..

Also, drumroll please....  THE TEENIE KINIS ARE HERE! Sorry I'm a lil excited to release my very first bikini. I've wanted to make one since I first started all this madness more than a year ago and I finally did it XD I think they are kinda fabulous and I hope you do too. Tons of patterns/colors to choose from and at only 100 linden each they're pretty much a steal.. oh, and the fatpack is only 1000 linden which means you get 8 bikins FREE!. Applier for Tango/Lush is included (but implants are not required, works with regular old system bewbs too ;p) along with modifiable neck/back & hip bows.

They are out now at my Mainstore and soon on the mp so go go go, shop shop shop.. and be sure to lounge in the sand or dip your feet in the kiddie pool, it is summer after all :P

Happy Shopping Dahlings
Emms <3

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