Monday, June 24, 2013

Bewba, The Thrift Shop & Three Hunts Oh My!

There is a ton of shit going on for [QE] this month. As always we had a new round of Bewbapalooza kick off at the beginning of the month, then fast on its heels came The Thrift Shop and right now there are three different hunts going on simultaneously. Suffice it to say I've been a busy Emmikins lately XD But you all shall reap the rewards of my toils and labor.. BEHOLD!

For Bewba I have an awesome set that has you ready for the beach in one fell swoop. Includes bikini with applier and prim bows, ombre tee with applier and denim shorts. Can be worn with or without implants and each set is only 169 linden..

At the Thrift Shop you can find several older and a few newer items for 1/2 off their original price. This deal is only available there and only until June 30th. There are also a ton of gatcha machines with all kinds of awesome goodies at the event too and I have my Ladybug Pasties there for 35 linden a try. They're transferrable, of course, in 8 pastel color combos with a rare set in red & black with a cute lil tattoo..


With three hunts you're bound to find something to make you happeh this month ;p And if you do both the Hello Titty Hunt2 and the Hunt for Your Inner Slut4 the items coordinate to make a full To The Beach Set \o/ The third hunt is from Depraved Nation, which ALWAYS puts out a stellar event/hunt/fair with a ton of high quality items. I'm super stoked to be a part of anything they do and with 100 stores the Endless Summer Hunt is a doozie. If you survive the 80 stores before mine and find the hunt item in my store you get a full outfit including top, mesh skirt and stockings for FREE!! Helloooooo, who doesn't love free shit, seriously, so get off your virtual asses and get to huntin damnit!

Ok that's enough typing for now. Enjoy all the free and affordable goodies.. you're welcome ;P

Happy Shopping and Hunting Bitches :D
Emms <3

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