Saturday, November 2, 2013

Badass Boobies!!

I have decided to finally take my store in the direction I've always planned for it to go and I'm EXCITED!! \o/ A major fixture in SL is roleplaying. I mean come on, who doesn't love to play dress up and throw imaginary lightening bolts, seriously XD With that in mind I've always wanted to put out sexy, slightly slutty RP clothing and accessories (cause we all know how much I love my slutwear right ;p). And so it begins.. my foray into the dark and seedy underworld of Second Life roleplaying. I only hope you all like what I whip up.

For my very first go at something that could totally be used for RP, I put together a military set in two color choices. They are available now at the November round of The Boobies Show and at a special discounted price. Once these sets show up at the mainstore they'll cost ya a liiiiiittle bit more so come grab em cheap while you can.

[QE] Bad Bitch sets come in Army (green) and Navy (blue) and you can grab em for the low loooow price of 220 linden each. As you can see in the ads they both come with a bunch of great pieces that you can mix and match to put together a plethora of kickass outfits. So like I said, grab em quick while they're at an introductory discount and then wander 'round and check out all the other amazing offerings to be found. But only once you've given a portion of your moneys to me LOL ;P Just keeeeding, a lil bit.. mebbe XD

Happy Shopping AND Roleplaying Bitches!
Emms <3

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