Monday, March 31, 2014

New, Even More Gigantic, Mainstore!!

The title says it all. Got a new mainstore.. and its frackin GIGANTOR!! I even shrunk the bitch and it STILL takes up basically my whole parcel. And its a big ass parcel lol. I love it, but its a beast ;p And I gotta give props to the insanely talented Toxxic Rhiannyr. I'm in lust with her builds and they fit my style so well.. Toxx I <3 the fuck outta you ;D

Ok so the build is amazeballz and ginormous and it has lots of new stuffs. Check it..

Ain't it purty :DD



Oh yeah, I got moves. Whattaya think I did before I opened the store ;P
-the Bargain Basement is bigger AND its actually under another floor this time lol.. best part, everything there is 100$L or less

-more Lucky Chairs & Midnight Mania and I promise to actually change em out once in a while ;p

-Gacha area with new items coming soon!

-Chill Zone with.. wait for it.. A FUCKING BLANKET FORT!!! Cop a squat and have some chips.. I recommend the Snorlax, its very comfy ;P

-last but not least, what store would be complete without STRIPPER POLES!!! Yep, that's right, I said stripper poles. Two of em. Nothin beats shopping while workin those glutes on the pole.. its multitasking at it's finest ;D

And if all of that doesn't entice you I don't know what will. Oh wait, yes I do.. A SALE!!! That's right, what is a new store opening without a friggin sale ffs. Soooo, to further entice you to enter my new lair, I'll be offering up everything in the store (ok not everything, items on the NEW wall are excluded, sowwy) at 30% OFF for 3 days only. Stop by Wednesday April 2nd - Friday April 4th to grab lots of awesome goodies at a LOT lower price. I'm lazy and don't get around to doing a sale often so you don't want to miss this.. trust me ;p

So get your asses in gear and head on down to [QE].. seriously people, where else can you find good shopping, a blanket fort AND stripper poles all in one convenient (and well decorated might I say) location. Nowhere duh ;p

Happy Shopping Bitches!
Emms <3

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