Monday, March 10, 2014

Warning.. Pink Shit Ahead!?

This post contains an inordinate amount of pink shit.. I apologize, it has to happen once in a while XD While I normally lean toward the darker side of things, I do have the ability to make 'girly' stuff as well. So when I had a request to do 'girly' versions of my legstraps I dove right in. Get ready for the barbie puke LOL..

Love Hurts -Girly- Style

First up, a totally girly girl version of the Love Hurts Legstrap. 6 pastel leather colors and instead of a bloody option it comes with 3 candy coated blades: pink, purple or blue

Un-Rigged only with Resizer, No Mod

 Amore -Girly- Style

 And for the Amore Legstrap, chickified version, you get 6 pastel leathers and the option to change the hearts to pink, purple, blue or silver.

Rigged & Un-Rigged w/ Resizer, No Mod


Both of these can be found at the March round of The Big Show, going on now. They're 25% off for the duration of the event so grab em cheaper while you can. I also have ombre tees and elly may tops there for HALF OFF!!! If you haven't grabbed them before now is the time. Go on, scoot.


In keeping with the girly theme I decided to whip up some socks for the Luck of the Irish Gacha event, opening March 12th..

Cute spring colors/patterns, 5 common sets and 2 rares. Only 50 linden a play, each two pack comes with a convenient Azz/Slink HUD plus system sock layer so it works with and without the mesh bits \o/ 

The Luck of the Irish opens in 2 days and there are a TON of awesome stores there. Gacha goodness out the wahzoo I tell ya. Three tiers of it. And all in shocking shades of green and gold with sad emo clouds sprouting rainbows from their asses as they glare down at the shoppers who toss their lindens away with wanton abandon. It's pretty amazeballs LOL. Trust me.. you want to be there ;p

Otay, I'm off to smoke a bowl and make some very overdue VIP goodies. It really is a miracle they haven't stormed the gates with pitchforks O.O Oooh ooooh I'm also doing a store remod this week, but I shall post about that next time. Tis enough for now, toodles yo!

Happy Shopping Bitches!
Emms <3

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