Sunday, October 13, 2013

Too Many Events O.o

Ok so there can never really be too many events, at least not from a shoppers point of view. But for those of us that have to make stuff for the events.. sometimes it gets to be overwhelming lol. Especially if you're like me and try to do too much because damnit I want to do them all! Throw in the fact that two of the events are ones that I am actually running myself and you have a recipe for exhaustion haha. Man, if only I had a clone. I could get so much more done ;p But I digress, onto the blogging..

First up we have an extra spooky Haunted round of Bewba this month. The event is decorated to the max and everyone has at least one Halloween themed item out for sale or gift. This is a definite do not miss round so hop on the Haunted Titty Train and please keep all appendages inside, who knows what kinds of ghoulish things are lurking in the darkness outside the windows ;p

Here is what you will find at my booth..

You can find both themed and non-themed items in this round so there is sure to be something for everyone. And don't forget to take a stroll throught the Haunted Forest once you're done shopping.. but whatever you do, don't go near the cabin ;P

Another amazeballz event that just kicked off is The Azz Show \o/ Tons of goodies for yo new booties all in one convenient location. And with an amazing lineup of stores, there is bound to be something there you just have to have. It might possibly be this..

The jeans come in 4 shades and each pair includes a set of copy/mod mesh legwarmers with a 15 color hud for only 150 linden! And with two white options to tint the color possibilities are endless \o/ With the net sets you get a tube top with applier for Tango/Lush/Mirage (both with and without pasties) and garter with applier for the Linc Phat Azz (both with and without the thong). You also get an applier for the thong by itself. That is a fuckton of options and all for only 120 linden each! They come in 12 colors/patterns, so at that price you might want to buy a few ;p This is the inaugural round of The Azz Show and it just opened yesterday so you have lots of time to swing by and grab a bunch of awesome stuffs. And it will be back on a monthly basis, I do believe, so there will be lots more azztasticness to come ;D

And yet ANOTHER kickass event also opened recently. The Candy Fair!! If you haven't been then you are missing out because the decor is sooo cute and with 3 whole sims full of kickass stores you know there is gonna be some major must haves. I put out two yummy dresses for the event, have a look..

I am in love with these dresses and also super proud of em. A looooot of work went into these and I think they turned out super cute \o/ And if you like em as much as I do, stay tuned because I have a set of cupcake dresses planned as well ;D

Ok one more event to talk about but I think it deserves its own post but I might be biased ;p

Check the next post for info on BEWBSTOCK!!! and then get your ass to shoppin cause I just gave you lots of awesome reasons to pull out the old man's wallet ;p

Toodles for now and Happy Shopping Bitches!
Emms <3

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